Google Chrome OS

Google recently unveiled that they are currently developing a eventually open-source operating system to run on netbooks to regular PCs. The OS will first be implemented with netbooks then expanded to PCs and possibly other devices in the near future. Google as also stated that this project has no affiliation with the Google Android project. Not many details about Chrome OS have been release except that it runs off a Linux kernel it incorporates custom window manager system and a “security layer” built into the OS. Google has partnered up with several different companies throughout the industry including Acer, Adobe, ASUS, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments. Which means Chrome OS will not only run on x86 but ARM processors as well. Since it is believed to be a Web OS because of the mention of developing new applications with Web technologies. So it its believed to basically be a sort of Cloud Computing OS. But we will wait to see what the future has to unfold for the future of this project in the second half of 2010.