What/Who Is The IT Lounge

The IT Lounge is a small tech blog being run by some of the students in the Information Technology shop at Blackstone Valley Tech.

The name “IT Lounge” came to be when the IT shop was introduced into our amazing vocational high school back in 2005. We call it The IT Lounge because if we finish all of our work and labs, we basically get to do whatever we want, as long as its shop related and falls within the schools rules. So if we get all of our work done on Monday, we get most of the rest of the week to our selves. (We alternate between shop and academics every other week).

The original idea for the The IT Lounge was to have a weekly podcast about tech and gadgets. But due to time restraints and lack of ideas that never happened. The school also decided not to let us post anything we filmed in school.

In late 2008 we began work on our website. We settled on the idea on starting a tech blog, and what else better to use than WordPress.

The next big problem we had was finding/making a good WordPress theme for the site. We tried making our own theme but then realized that we had nowhere enough experience to make one. So after searching for quite some time we came across Chris Pirillo’s Social Media theme WicketPixie, and fell in love with it. We also needed to host the site somewhere. We found an amazing FREE web host called X10Hosting, clearly the best free web host out there!

We try to post stories about what we are learning in shop, latest gadgets, random interesting video, or whatever other crazy projects we are trying to do. Basically anything that we think is awesome.

James: Founder/Site Admin

Andrew: Site Admin

Vinny: Author

Ryan: Author/Forum Moderator