Evolve to a multi-tasking PC gamer!

“Quit Playing With Yourself!”

The Evolve client is the almost the ideal social platform for the PC gamer.  It as its name suggests  the next step in the In-game evolution. Combining a social network,  internet browser, instant messaging, an partying system all in and out a PC game with no per game setup.  This social platform is quite stacked from being constructed with the berkelium project so it powered by the magic of  Google’s Chrome.  From the internet browser comes the multi-protocol IM portion of the application allowing you to game while still being connected and chatting with MSN/Windows Live, Goolge Talk, AIM, ICQ, XMPP, and even Facebook chat. This developing application is the conceptual offspring of something similar to Steam and Xbox Live taking the best from booth worlds except any sort of store. Of course this service is free an it supports almost 300 recent popular titles but is still in beta so sign up to try an get in sooner rather than later.


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