FreeNAS RSS Extentsion

FreeNAS Transmission RSS extentsion is a PHP script installed to your FreeNAS box. It adds a tab called extentsions with a subsection called rss in which it is possible to add feeds, add filters, and RSS history about and to the feeds. This is useful to auto download torrents such as movies or tvshows or even music or even games.  If you haven’t already customized your feed you can add specific filter exceptions to exclude torrents from being download cause they do not meet your criteria or you already have a similar file (i.e. episode). With this you can be positive it will not redownload media or unwanted media. This enables your FreeNAS box to act as a dvr of sorts. It could auto torrent every new episode from a bittorrent tracker as they become available for download (as this is still illegal if you are breaking international copyright laws).

FreeNAS RSS Extentsion Homepage

How to install:

1. You must have atleast one share were you would create a folder called RSS.

2. Then in the freenas web panel inder the advanced tab you select the command section you execute the command*

“chmod 0777 /mnt/”yourshare”/RSS/install.php

3. Then run the command*


4. Then reload the page and the new tab and section should appear.


Replace the “yourshare” with your share name without the the quotation marks

FreeNAS 0.7.4502

FreeNAS,a Specialized distribution of FreeBSD, is a Open-Source Network Attached Storage server based on the m0n0wall firewall software. It has a shell on the local machince but is administered from a web panel with a local website using PHP script. It is basically a NOS (Network Operating System) because it contain many varied network features such as Bittorrent, FTP ,Webserver, NFS, SSH, AFP, and Etc. The Main usage of FreeNAS is for Network Storage which could be done in a multitude of ways such as Hardware RAID, Software Raid, FAT32, NTFS, ZFS, and the natively supported UFS. After you actually have a storage device setup you can share it across your network using CIFS/Samba or even over the internet With previously mentions protocols. FreeNAS has a very small foot print its installer is only around 70MB and can be installed from a LiveCD or from a flash drive. It isnt nessacary to but FreeNAS can store your system configuration in an XML file on a flash drive/card, hard drive, and one a floppy disk. also on each one of those you are capable of installing FreeNAS.

FreeNAS is good for people looking for a weekend project who have a old spare computer and some hard drives (SATA and/or IDE) laying around and would mind some extra storage. Also it can be used like a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) by install the Transmission RSS extension that is currently being developed by tresni on Google code. Which you could setup to automatically download Movies, TV Shows, or any other type of media available through bitttorrent.

All in all I think this software is amazing and there is so many possibilities you could do with it. There are also a couple of alternatives that i currently have not proceeded to look into such as OpenFiler.

(These images show off the FreeNAS web interface and my current FreeNAS setup along with an ghetto attempt. )

Change Log:
-Bug fixes
ZFS filesystem
-Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.22
-Update dependencies
-Replace msntp with FreeBSD’s ntpdate
-Fix problem with DAAP & Mac iTunes 8.1
-Improve status informations
-Code/Layout improvemments
-Updated transmission to 1.51
-Add ability to mount UDF ISO images
-Downgrade samba to 3.0.32
-Upgrade ProFTPD to 1.3.2
-Upgrade mDNSResponder to 1.08.6
-Add standalone gzip port
-Upgrade cdialog to 1.1.20080316
-Upgrade rsync to 3.0.5

Live CD V0.7.4502 Prerelease