Contest: Spice Up Our Background

We are looking to spice up our background picture on the main pages of The IT Lounge

What We Are Looking For
Something creative related to the stuff we write about, the games we play, and the people who run the site. You can create something on top of our current background or create something completely new.

What We Will Give You
$10 🙂

How To Create and Submit

Download the PSD to help align your creation with or site layout and submit if we pick yours.

-Try to keep the majority of you creation above the red line.
-Also remember to put your creation in new layers.

To enter, save as a jpeg and upload it as an attachment the contest forum
thread. ./forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=71&sid=58b0beaf14760fa965a7fe90b141d371
DO NOT ATTACH THE PSD. It will be to big.
If you win, we will have you email the original PSD to us.

Contest Ends 5/1/2010

Good Luck and Have Fun

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