Cyborg RAT7

Hey everyone hope you all had a great Christmas and I would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Due to the recent death of my Razor lachesis I had to invest in another mouse. I am normally a Logitech fanboy due to the G5 being the best mouse I have ever touched and my room mate just got another Logitech which he loves. This being said I felt my self drifting back towards Logitech then I happened to come across the RAT 7 made by Saitek. This mouse is crazy. Enough said. The design is something that is very different and will defiantly get a few looks. The mouse is the most customizable mouse I have ever used, coming with interchangeable pinky rests and palm rests

Where you rest your thumb can also be moved forward and back along with rotating left and right.  The palm rest can be slid closer or further back on the body of the mouse to increase personal comfort. This mouse has a 25-5600DPI Range which can be controlled via button behind scroll wheel. All of the other features are things you would find on most other gaming mice aka braided cord, USB 2.0, gold plated USB connector, and weight system. This is the first mouse i have seen with a thumb scroll wheel for left and right scrolling also this mouse has a Precision Aim Mode which slows down the mouse sensitivity when pressed to help with aiming in FPS titles.  Over all this mouse is fantastic and i personally am very happy with it. The RAT7 just won best of 2010 by IGN and is available for around $

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