Ubuntu Main Menu Replacement


The menu replacement Cardapio, found here, is a excellent alternative to the bland original menu of the GNOME desktop. The applications and categories listed in the resizable Cardapio is managed by the default main menu editor in Ubuntu. It supports being launched either by a customizable taskbar applet button, by a shortcut key, or by customizing it to be launched by Docky’s Anchor icon on the dock itself. The user interface consists of a extensible search bar, a categories jumplist, a detailed pinnable application list, a control/support area, and an optional session manager. The search bar is capable of using additional search functions with plug-ins and the results support being kept or cleared upon the menu being hidden.

To Install From Terminal:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cardapio-team/unstable
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install cardapio

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Now Available

The latest virsion of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is now avalable for download at ubuntu.com.

New features since Ubuntu 9.10


Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 includes the latest GNOME desktop environment with a number of great new features.

Mozilla Firefox

Default search engine has been changed to Yahoo! The default Home Page will use either Google or Yahoo! depending on user setting.

Linux kernel 2.6.32

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Android On Marching On!


The iPhone dev-team member Planetbeing has recently reviled some breaking news pertaining to his side project iPhonelinux. In his recent announcement he reviled he’s created a working port of the Android OS to the iPhone platform. The modification is currently only compatible with 2G iPhones (Original iPhone) ,but 3G and 3GS compatibility is being something to pursue. The modifications run using a required modified boot loader called openiboot. The bootloader allows a graphical selection at boot for either the iPhoneos or android. Its been reported with some openiboot installations and have resulted in needing to install in a tethered form.

Working Android Drivers:

    -WiFi connectivity (Some Android specific driver extensions are yet to be implemented causing scanning issues)
    -Touchscreen interaction (No multitouch yet)
    -Call and home buttons repurposed to the volume rocker
    -Phone Calls (EDGE or GSM Unknown which)

For more information view the iPhonelinux Blog…

Dropbox Ups The Competition!

Free Online Storage

The Internet service Dropbox, Which gives out free 2GB of online storage, has a referral program that give users 250mb per referral. The program first allowed an extra 3GB of storage which is 12 referrals. The updated program now allows for 32 referrals which is a gargantuan 8GB of free online storage. The programs is applicable to all user signed up to the service. An it far surpasses many of the competing free online storage services available today. They also offer paid monthly services of 50GB for $9.99 or 100GB for $19.99 for larger storage space.


How to make yourself an EPIC L.A.N party


First off, depending on the amount of friends you have your going to need to decide just how big your LAN is going to be. I’ve hosted a multitude of LAN’s all of whcih presented new problems. My personal residence can support about 10-15 people with out blowing a breaker or worse yet, running out of room.

(this could be covered by an entry fee)

Consider a Venue:

Got something HUGE planned? Plenty of churches, community halls, public areas, are willing to Host Events, like this for free or a nominally small fee. Now I am not saying you have to go all out “BLIZZCON” but people want to feel at home in their natural geek environment.

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Contest: Spice Up Our Background

We are looking to spice up our background picture on the main pages of The IT Lounge

What We Are Looking For
Something creative related to the stuff we write about, the games we play, and the people who run the site. You can create something on top of our current background or create something completely new.

What We Will Give You
$10 🙂

How To Create and Submit

Download the PSD to help align your creation with or site layout and submit if we pick yours.

-Try to keep the majority of you creation above the red line.
-Also remember to put your creation in new layers.

To enter, save as a jpeg and upload it as an attachment the contest forum
thread. ./forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=71&sid=58b0beaf14760fa965a7fe90b141d371
DO NOT ATTACH THE PSD. It will be to big.
If you win, we will have you email the original PSD to us.

Contest Ends 5/1/2010

Good Luck and Have Fun